Murals can create a centre piece or backdrop for the business, home or theatrical production. A high level of planning and communication is maintained for any job, from a high-profile product launch to a bedroom wall. Designs can be tailor-made to fit the available space and a range of mediums can be used to achieve the desired effect, whether enamels, acrylics, masonry paint or spray paint. Timescale for completion ranges from one to five days depending on size, medium used and complexity of the design.
I have worked with several well-established brands to create promotional works for bars, restaurants and events. Company branding can be reproduced or appropriated in the design.

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Extra large lettering and graphics can utilize unused wall space on your premises and is particularly effective when viewed from a distance, grabbing the attention of passing traffic. Exterior uses include tower blocks, harbour walls, distilleries, warehouses, shipping containers and walls facing roads or railways, maximizing your presence. Interior uses include sports halls, fitness studios or large open plan office space. Most company logos and trademarks can be reproduced accurately and the paintwork can be guaranteed weatherproof for 15 years. Previous work has been carried out effectively on many types of surface, including roughcast walls, corrugated iron, box profile cladding and uneven masonry.
Please note that jobs up to a height of 4 metres are usually straightforward. Anything over a height of 4 metres may require substantial planning, including the hire of access equipment.
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